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Got the hulk from ToyPanic. very very nice and huge piece. Good packaging also. Thumbs up for the excellent service as well as the patience in dealing. Looking forward to deal again!

Chua Hua Bing (Sibu, Sarawak)
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MISB . MYR2100.00

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1/6 Master Chief Spartan Mark VI (Exclusive Version)
From ThreeA
MYR948.00 .  MYR805.80
806 Panic Points In Stock

Vol.9 - Viola 2.0
From Original Effect
MYR428.00 .  MYR385.20
385 Panic Points In Stock

SHFiguarts Mace Windu
From Bandai
MYR238.00 .  MYR214.20
214 Panic Points In Stock

1/12 Strongest male - The One
From AC Toys
 MYR118.00  . 118 Panic Points
Sold Out

Tri Dekai Aguamon Plush Doll
From Banpresto
MYR78.00 .  MYR62.40  . 62 Panic Points
In Stock

1/6 Mike Tyson
From Storm Toys
MYR978.00 .  MYR929.10  . 929 Panic Points
Preorder Now

From MSE
MYR948.00 .  MYR900.60
901 Panic Points Preorder Now

1/24 Future GPX Cyber Formula 11: Experion Z/A-8 (Driver: Naoki Shinjo)
From Megahouse
MYR398.00 .  MYR358.20  . 358 Panic Points
In Stock

Star Wars: C-3PO & R2-D2 (Dusty Version) Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head Collectible Set
From Hot Toys
 MYR118.00  . 118 Panic Points
Sold Out

1/12 Scale Iron Man Mark XL – Shotgun Collectible Figure
From Comicave Studios
MYR448.00 .  MYR403.20
403 Panic Points In Stock

1/60 Transformable YF-19 with Fast Packs
From Arcadia
MYR1378.00 .  MYR1171.30  . 1171 Panic Points
In Stock

Reformatted R-11 Seraphicus Prominon Core Figure & Power Cradle Set
From Mastermind Creations
MYR878.00 .  MYR790.20  . 790 Panic Points
In Stock

Egg Attack Action: EAA-039 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Death Trooper
From Kidslogic
MYR312.00 .  MYR296.40  . 296 Panic Points
Preorder Now

Egg Attack Action: EAA-040 Rogue One: A star wars story Shoretrooper
From Kidslogic
MYR312.00 .  MYR296.40  . 296 Panic Points
Preorder Now

From Master Made
 MYR498.00  . 498 Panic Points
Sold Out

1/6 Athletics Girl
From Play Toy
MYR388.00 .  MYR349.20
349 Panic Points Sold Out

1/6 Synthetisches Menschliches (#5) — Lu King Cheung
From Toyscity
MYR508.00 .  MYR431.80
432 Panic Points In Stock

1/100 RE/100 Dijeh
From Bandai
MYR138.00 .  MYR103.50
104 Panic Points In Stock

1/6 Messi (Deluxe Version) - 2015/16
MYR728.00 .  MYR655.20  . 655 Panic Points
In Stock