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Fast delivery, excellent service by seller, good packaging

Abdol Halim Bin Harun . Johor, Malaysia . 24/5/2019
The item have arrived in perfect condition, highly recommended!

CHIN HSIN YOONG . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 24/5/2019
All things are good.

Wan Muhammad Hazem bin Mohd Yusoh . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 23/5/2019
I just like your services

Chew Wai Yee . Selangor, Malaysia . 23/5/2019
Great transaction, thanks TP

Kong Thau Fui . Sabah, Malaysia . 24/5/2019
Great transaction, thanks TP

Kong Thau Fui . Sabah, Malaysia . 24/5/2019
Fast , reliable and convenient!

Kong Fei Voon . Selangor, Malaysia . 22/5/2019
Overall is the service is good. I appreciate that you put in extra effort to acquire the stock for my order. However I have one complaint, the citi link express is very slow. I am well aware that it is beyond your control but i just wanted you to aware of this. Thank you

Chong Beng Pin . Kedah, Malaysia . 22/5/2019
The best toys store in the planet.

Guan Sze Boon . Sabah, Malaysia . 22/5/2019
wonderful buying experience! wih free express post upgraded, and free gift lol! simply the best online purchase i hv made so far! looking forward for my next purchase here. thnks alot

Mohd Shasha Mohd Zaffa . Pahang, Malaysia . 21/5/2019
Sincerely seller , nice service , fast & safe shipping , high recommend!!

Wong Foo Kin . Pahang, Malaysia . 21/5/2019
Fast service fast delivery solid packaging item in good condition happy customer thank you

Amirsham b Kamarudin . Selangor, Malaysia . 21/5/2019
Very good packaging in making sure product is safe and secure, website is organize and easy to use, best online shopping experience for me.

JIN LEE . kuala lumpur, Malaysia . 21/5/2019
Arrived in time.....Good packaging. Great Services. Keep up the good work.

EDDY LEE BOON CHOONG . Perak, Malaysia . 21/5/2019
Everything is great

Ng Kai Wei . Kedah, Malaysia . 21/5/2019
Superb services provided like always and always will remain the best among all. Cheers guys!!!!!

Travis Ting . Sarawak, Malaysia . 23/5/2019
No long word required, the best shop in Malaysia. period, service is tip top, always strive for the best. keep up the good work.

From Panic Mark IX customer, chasing for Panic Mark X

AHMAD NAZHRULHUSNA MOHD ZAIN . Kelantan, Malaysia . 20/5/2019
Good job definitely will have next purchase here again soon!

Layne Chan . Perak, Malaysia . 19/5/2019
Best toys shop I preferred.

TC Lim . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 20/5/2019
No Doubt, Awesome! Forever 5 stars! forever. Thank you very much.

MEGAT JOHAR . SELANGOR, Malaysia . 18/5/2019
No Doubt, Awesome! Forever 5 stars! forever. Thank you very much.

MEGAT JOHAR . Selangor, Malaysia . 18/5/2019
Super fast delivery, brown box in good condition fill with alot of paper, box is well protected so as the toy in it

Lean Ming Shen . Selangor, Malaysia . 18/5/2019
Good quality service

Jake Ng . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 20/5/2019
Great service as always!

Daryl Soong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 18/5/2019
The very best toy store!

Daryl Soong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 18/5/2019
Good service !

Zawin Najah binti Mohamad Da'ai (Caer) . Selangor, Malaysia . 18/5/2019
Item was packed so good, reach me on time. Guess what this festive season? They give me an angpau packet. The best online toyshop in malaysia

Aizhil Syahril Musthaffa . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 18/5/2019
Received with good condition
One of the best toy shop

For Soon Chek . Johor, Malaysia . 18/5/2019
Good Services

Noor Adilah Othman . Selangor, Malaysia . 19/5/2019
Good Services

Noor Adilah Othman . Selangor, Malaysia . 19/5/2019
Good Services

Noor Adilah Othman . Selangor, Malaysia . 19/5/2019
Fast delivery and good customer service.

John Melvin . Sarawak, Malaysia . 21/5/2019
Best as always this dealer

Jasper Chung . Sabah, Malaysia . 18/5/2019
Fast shipping??
Packaged nicely ??
Great cust service?????
????Recommended ????

Azeman . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 17/5/2019
Fast shipping??
Packaged nicely ??
Great cust service?????
????Recommended ????

Azeman . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 17/5/2019
ToyPanic never stop giving their best honesty to customer. I gotta say this so far all figure store I've been, I only have complete full trust on ToyPanic! And not once that they misinterpreted during all my pre-orders. Stay great ToyPanic!

Andson See . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 17/5/2019
Received item in good condition. Thank you and keep up the good work. :)

Chiew Wei Hian . Sarawak, Malaysia . 17/5/2019
Communications were good and item was received in good condition.

Wai Tien . Perak, Malaysia . 17/5/2019
Best online toy store, great services and very prompt in any kinds of question. Thank u toypanic, I can say that I have a huge amount of trust for toypanic. I've been buying tons of figure and they never fail to impress me with their service. keep up the good work.

Davien Jones . Sabah, Malaysia . 17/5/2019
Fast shipping and great services.

Mohamad Khairul Ariffin . Johor, Malaysia . 17/5/2019
Good Services

Noor Adilah Othman . Selangor, Malaysia . 19/5/2019
Worth the wait. Everything well packaged and fast delivery without hassles.

Eric Fong . Perak, Malaysia . 16/5/2019
5 Stars service as always. Huge double layer carton box with bubble wrapped on my item is top notch. Salute to you boss and thank you very much!

Alex Ng Wai Leong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 16/5/2019
will delivered

Allex Lo Swee Leong . Sarawak, Malaysia . 15/5/2019
Awesome customer service, fast delivery and really safe packaging as usual. Will continue buy with toypanic ^_^

Shahannuar Bin Izham . Perlis, Malaysia . 15/5/2019
Thank u TP

Kong Thau Fui . Sabah, Malaysia . 15/5/2019
Thank u TP

Kong Thau Fui . Sabah, Malaysia . 15/5/2019
Thanks for all guys!

Jorge or Raul Ugalde . Texas, United States . 15/5/2019
Even toyshop in KL also can't compare with u all. Well done!

Leonhart Yong . KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia . 15/5/2019
Fast delivery like always , good price and superb customer service keep up the good work tp crew ?

great to find one store in penang where i get to walk in and purchase.
it's getting lesser in penang now :(
Staff are friendly and helpful

Ronnie Vee . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 14/5/2019
Very nice...Item receive in good condition

Allex Lo Swee Leong . Sarawak, Malaysia . 14/5/2019
Fast service but a bit disappointed as my box unit was quite dented not because of the shipment but it was chosen prior to packaging. Otherwise, will still return as they often have good deals!

Mike Wong . Selangor, Malaysia . 15/5/2019
Service is fast be it seller and courier company ...and nice packaging....

Mohd Faiz . Selangor, Malaysia . 14/5/2019
Better have “favourite” list for storing favourite items while deciding whether to purchase.
Since is not the dealer, some product opening or reissue is not available.

Chow Chang Yik . Selangor, Malaysia . 14/5/2019
fast delivery and good customer servive.
5 star !!!!!!

Zamani Bin Mohamed . Terengganu, Malaysia . 15/5/2019
Good packaging and quick shipping as usual, even for the games. Keep up the good work always!

Aaron Lai . Sarawak, Malaysia . 14/5/2019
Shopping with Toypanic is always pleasant. The staff are very friendly and helpful. They help in any ways they could to make the shopping experience a pleasant one. Definitely gonna be back for more! By the way, the new space is awesome. Makes you wanna stay there longer. Stay awesome guys!

Chun Woei . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 13/5/2019
Always keep my stock no matter how long i didn't appear

Low Jin Quan . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 13/5/2019
Best shop ever

Low Jin Quan . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 13/5/2019
Never regret to deal to the team!!!

KK Ng . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 13/5/2019
Not prefer Gdex

Lim Kai Kin . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 11/5/2019
Fast shipment, good packaging. Trusted seller????????????????????

Mohd faizal bin mohamad razaily . Johor, Malaysia . 11/5/2019
Great service ! variety ! price!
No doubt a great place to shop for gunpla kits!
Definitely will come back for more!

goh chee hong . Selangor, Malaysia . 13/5/2019
Excellent packaging that ensure your items are well protected.

Sinteng . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 14/5/2019
I have bought from many sellers and you guys are THE gold standard! Top notch customer service and query response, smooth and user friendly online booking and payment system, and one of the best packing, tracking, and shipping processes I've experienced. Kudos guys! And thanks for the free express shipment upgrade! Will definitely deal with you guys again.

Julius Cheah . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
Smooth transaction...overall is good.

PINGGIET Hong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 11/5/2019
Smooth transaction...friendly online system..

PINGGIET Hong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 11/5/2019
Easy and fast transaction, friendly in-store staff. Can never go wrong when shopping at ToyPanic ??

Izrin . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
The best site for figurine collector. Good price with excellent service.

Ng Wen Jie . Perak, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
Parcel is received with nice packing, thank you

Yeoh Heng Seong . Perak, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
Item arrived in good condition, no dent whatsoever. Japanese quality packaging, thumbs up.

Ho Kah Wai . Perak, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
Very fast and efficient as usual after ToyPanic received it from the supplier but can considered a bit delayed as compare to the market. This products already flooded the market since last month. Anyway I never have issues with ToyPanic if within their control. Always fast and furious. But I need to share this information for other metal build collectors's reference. This Dragon King is not a good product. Good packaging and all but the product is really light and look cheaper than a Bandai normal model kits products. Not to mention Hi-Resolution Barbatos series or any other P-Bandai. Thanks again to ToyPanic.

Mohd Roffee Mohamad . Selangor, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
Great great great

Raphael Chiew . Sabah, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
You're simply the best

Syahid Amin . Melaka, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
Item packed securely in a thick box. But a bit too big la. Probably ToyPanic needs to have boxes of various sizes haha.

Chie Ming Lau . Selangor, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
Awsome as always

Muhammad Zulhilmi B Jamaludin . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
I have purchased from different sellers before but Toy Panic is truly a one of a kind shopping experience. They understand the concept of collecting and spend a lot of care in packing the items properly. They also sent an update about the item as it was packed with photos! Truly a super 5 star experience. Thank you and looking forward to purchasing again.

Kugan . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 09/5/2019
Excellent service. Item arrived safely. Look forward for the Black Panther to arrive.

Lee Xin Yuan . Sarawak, Malaysia . 09/5/2019
Best toy store, new store very good environment.

Ooi Chin Hong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
One word: Best!

Derrick Yau . Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia . 09/5/2019
Excellent.Good Service

AVS TECHNOLOGY TRADING . Selangor, Malaysia . 11/5/2019
Another fast & reliable services....
But there's a manufacture defect with the ON/OFF light button... I but I think I manage to solve it....

Sir Lawrence Leong H.F . Johor, Malaysia . 14/5/2019
Bought a SHF Gaim from Toypanic, received it very soon. Keep up the good work!

Alex Tan Hoe Lik . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 09/5/2019
Another good deal with ToyPanic Store. Million thanks to all the staff.

Imran Isma . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 09/5/2019
Received the item yesterday, Wednesday 8th May (14 days from delivery date 24th Apr)
Good solid packaging and very satisfied with the excellent services provided.

SIMON ENG . SARAWAK, Malaysia . 09/5/2019
Gotten free upgrade to GDex and received the parcel after 1 day shipment, very satisfied

Low Boon Chuan . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 08/5/2019
very fast service and delivery

thank you

Chin Swee Hong . Selangor, Malaysia . 08/5/2019
First time make purchase from this store. Fast respond. Well packaged the item. I started to have confidence to buy toy in this store.really really good job in after service.
Thanks you.keep up the good work.

Johnny Lim chern hui . Kelantan, Malaysia . 08/5/2019
Very fast and efficient service! I would say the best and well recommended.

MUHAMMAD DANIAL MUHAMMAD MASRI . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 08/5/2019
Fast delivery

Rocky Tan . Perak, Malaysia . 08/5/2019

LIM WEE KIT . Johor, Malaysia . 08/5/2019
Good service

YEE SIEW KUAN . Sarawak, Malaysia . 08/5/2019
Everything great! Tq TP

Kong Thau Fui . Sabah, Malaysia . 08/5/2019
Always the best among all!!! Keep it up guys and I’m loving it ??

Travis Ting . Sarawak, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
Fast delivery and nice packaging

Loki Aung Kyaw Lwin . Selangor, Malaysia . 07/5/2019
My Midoriya figure arrived perfectly safe. Not to mention faster than I expected.
Very nice customer service as well. In other words, I will definitely buy from TP again in the future.

- Ili -

ILI YASMIN KAMALROUZAMAN . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 23/5/2019
Items arrive safely, but inner box was creased at the front badly, overall item still okay

Ryan Wong . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 07/5/2019
as usual, great PO price, best packaging n delivery time.
Item received in good condition

Mizanur Nazin . KEDAH, MALAYSIA . 12/5/2019
Some torn as the edge of the figuring box, anyway still a good service overall.

Charles Teh . Johor, Malaysia . 07/5/2019
Some goods are not available.... hope got more in future.

Chua Juen chieh . Kedah, Malaysia . 07/5/2019
Customer service was great. I had a complication which was promptly replied by the team. Item was received in a condition that could not get any better. Super happy and will refer Toy Panic as my go to seller for any future figure purchases!

Yeoh Joe Den . Selangor, Malaysia . 07/5/2019
Good packaging, safely arrive Tawau, Sabah

Toh Chan Peng . Sabah, Malaysia . 07/5/2019
Fast & efficient. Great packaging. Received item in good condition. Highly recommended and looking forward for next dealing.

CB Pua . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 06/5/2019
Fast shipping and great care is taken to ensure the figure arrives safely. As usual, highly satisfied with the services provided. Thank you. :)

Ooi Jian Wei . Selangor, Malaysia . 05/5/2019
Same same same .... EXCELLENT !

TOH GUAN HUAT . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 06/5/2019
Thanks. Well received.

KELVIN YOONG THIAM CHOON . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 05/5/2019
I was one of the unlucky ones who didn't manage to preorder the Iron Man Mark50 from Hot Toys. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to take advantage of their generosity of opening up the Mark50 again, and I actually managed to get one. I'm thankful ToyPanic doesn't take advantage and sell at a markup above retail. I'm thankful ToyPanic doesn't keep the extra units themselves and scalp them off on other sites. I guess this is the only website I can say I safely trust to be honest and to have integrity. Yes, I have browsed other toy sites and yes I have done some cross-referencing between prices. And I will come back to ToyPanic any day for any of the figures I want and or need. PS : check out their new store layout, it's worth the trip to Penang.

Tan Wei Huang . Sarawak, Malaysia . 09/5/2019
Great service from Mr Matthew and very friendly staff as always! Would definitely buy again from Toypanic!

Teh Wei Hong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 04/5/2019
great service with a smile. keep it up

Heng Yao . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 05/5/2019
The shipping is doing well (since the it is shipped locally) thanks to shipper making call to me as I am not able to track the parcel number in Airpak Express (I was told by the airpak express staff that the system tracking is undergoing some upgrade/update but not sure if it is true).
- Just take note that maybe Airpak Express is not able to track for now. My suggestion perhaps is to use alternate courier service (example allow customers to choose their preferred couriers)

In terms of packaging, it is well protected. No damage on the item when I open the parcel. Keep it up!!!

Wee Kee Lee . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 04/5/2019
Always the best among all!!! Keep it up guys and I’m loving it ??

Travis Ting . Sarawak, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
Received item in good condition. However, the outer package box was damaged due to delivery. Thankfully, Toypanic provides good packaging service that keeps the item inside safe. Overall fantastic job on Toypanic having good communication, fast response, and delivering product safely ensuring customer satisfaction.

Yap Ling Ching . Sabah, Malaysia . 04/5/2019
Always the best among all!!! Keep it up guys and I’m loving it ??

Travis Ting . Sarawak, Malaysia . 10/5/2019
Good Service!

Lau Kuang Chung . Melaka, Malaysia . 04/5/2019
Fast response and good packaging

YEE CHEE YEONG . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 04/5/2019
Excellent.Good Service

AVS TECHNOLOGY TRADING . Selangor, Malaysia . 05/5/2019
Good as usual.

Chan Yeng Shu . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 04/5/2019
This is my third purchase, will purchase again

Vincent . Selangor, Malaysia . 04/5/2019
The best toy shop online!!! It's like Akihabara, where you can get everything. Awesome service and website! Thank you for existing!

MOHD ONALD NURILLAH . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 03/5/2019
Packaging and Shipping:
Package was well packed and secured. Good use of newspaper and bubble-wrap. Shipping was upgraded to express for free. Thank you very much Toypanic for that. Gundam arrived in good condition not broken or whatso-ever.

Customer Service:
Very systematic and easy to track and viewed ordered item. Totally appreciate that toypanic took a photo and emailed to me how the gundam was packed properly with all the prove of pre- shipping. So far the only seller that does that. This should be practiced by others! Very good!

Overall, 1st experience with toypanic has been fantastic. You have become my number one place to shop online for figure and hobbies alike!

Hans Chan . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 03/5/2019
Fast delivery as always
Look forward fir next puchasing

Ahmad Aminuddin bin Abd Halim . Melaka, Malaysia . 03/5/2019
The staffs are good and friendly. The most importantly they are very responsive too. Keep up the excellent work guys!!

vincent low . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 03/5/2019
Awesome seller

khoo teng leong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 03/5/2019
ToyPanic has never let me down. Biggest compliment I can give an online toy store. Their customer service and communication is A++

Eugene Wong . Selangor, Malaysia . 02/5/2019
5 stars service

lim chee keong . perak, Malaysia . 02/5/2019
The item arrived in perfect condition , 10/10 would recommned

Amir Fikri . Selangor, Malaysia . 21/5/2019
Always the best in term of service, packaging etc.

Ung Soon . Sarawak, Malaysia . 01/5/2019
thanks for all

Jorge or Raul Ugalde . Texas, United States . 01/5/2019
Muy buen servicio,calidad y precio.

Antonio Galvan . Valladolid, Spain . 01/5/2019
I am running out of comment, because toypanic is the best of the best :)

THAM KAH KIT . Selangor, Malaysia . 01/5/2019
Double thumbs up!

Raphael Chiew . Sabah, Malaysia . 01/5/2019
Thumbs up!

Raphael Chiew . Sabah, Malaysia . 01/5/2019
WOOOW, THIS Is AWESOME :) :) :) !!!
I am so happy having this statue, I really have no words to describe!
So many thanks to Mr Tang and his TOYPANIC Team for making my dream come true :) !
They were always exceptionally efficient doing their job top-professionally to the same end and completing my pre-order in every detail, not missing anything! Statue came in mint condition, very well packed, secured and timely as agreed!
Once again, my deepest respect and wholeheartedly recommendations for TOYPANIC Company and the Team!
I wish you guys so many prosperous and joyful years in future!

Dragan Krsmanovic . United Arab Emirates, U.A.E. . 30/4/2019
The shop layout is amazing. Gives you the nostalgic feeling when you were a child going to the toystore for the 1st time. The shop is spacious and very well lit. But the winning point of toypanic was how very helpful and courteous the staff was to me. Made sure i checked my hottoy figure before I left. Amazing. I hope to come back again to buy more from you guys. Fingers crossed hopefully my wishlist can come true! Thanks alot for amazing service

Afandi Sharos . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 01/5/2019
Great service ToyPanic. Will continue to support you!!!

WONG CHEE CHOY/CHAN SAI LAN . Johor, Malaysia . 30/4/2019
Best Penang toys collection shop , my collection 80% almost order here,
nice packing with protection and fast deliver,will keep support, pls give more offer :P

Avex Chong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 30/4/2019
Received the parcel in a very good condition. Thanks alot!

By the way, saw the survey form and attempted to register member in the tamashii nations asia club but the recaptcha session was shut down... Do you guys know anything about that?

Teh Kah Chun . Selangor, Malaysia . 29/4/2019
Nice packaging, item receive in good condition and fast delivery

T.K. Fong . Selangor, Malaysia . 28/4/2019
best of the best seller A++++

Dan Oh Yon Kooi . Kedah, Malaysia . 30/4/2019
2 Thumbs Up Seller!!

Yau Cheng Min . Kedah, Malaysia . 02/5/2019
Very good packaging. Box was in good condition. Thank you very much

Mr. Ramesh Krishnan . Selangor, Malaysia . 28/4/2019
nice packaging and really fast...keep it up sir.

Mohd Zulkarnain Bin Zolkepali . Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia . 27/4/2019
Item safely arrived..thanks toypanic..

Muhammad Hazwan Shamsudin . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 27/4/2019
I'm very happy with Toypanic. Friendly service. Fast response. The item itself is well packed. Keep up the good work.

Muhamad Osman . Perak, Malaysia . 27/4/2019
????? ?????

Kuok Sue Qing . Perak, Malaysia . 27/4/2019
Excellent packaging and shipping speed from ToyPanic team as always. Their services will definitely live up or exceed your expectations. Highly recommended!

Jason Lim . Selangor, Malaysia . 27/4/2019
Great. Thanks

Rick . Selangor, Malaysia . 27/4/2019
I Am Very Greatful To Toypanic,When I Knew Penang Area Also Got To PreOrder Hottoys Item That Make Me Very Happy. ThankYou For That

Tan Chin Hong . Kedah, Malaysia . 27/4/2019
Best seller ever:) Will continue to support them!!!

Sylar Ting . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 29/4/2019
The box is overkill. It's such a waste to ship a nendoroid with such a big box. But still great service and fast delivery!

Fon Yew Fai . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 26/4/2019
Penghantaran yang sangat bagus.. Dibungkus dengan kemas.. Seller yg sentiasa update keadaan barang.. The Best Toys Shop In PENANG..

Muhammad Syazril Adha Bin A Malek . Kedah, Malaysia . 26/4/2019
Well packed, delivery is fast from packing to arriving at my premise. Good Job!

Eric Lim . Selangor, Malaysia . 26/4/2019
The item is well packed.
Suggest that toypanic can give reward/special offer/discount during member birthday month.

Mak Tze Nyan . Sabah, Malaysia . 26/4/2019
best o9 selling shop

Allex Lo . Sarawak, Malaysia . 02/5/2019
Great shopping experience! Big variety of items. Knowledgeable staff.

Max Knight . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 26/4/2019
Everything is good, just prepare to ship out abit slow. City link is best. Product is best, toyoanic is best, email reply some time slow hahaha but just comment la overall is good! Have an nice day

marcus ting . Sarawak, Malaysia . 25/4/2019
Always come back !!! The Best AAA

Carmenmak . WIL, Malaysia . 25/4/2019
Received it in perfect condition. Thanks for the free upgrade shipping to Sarawak.

Bemen Wong . Sarawak, Malaysia . 25/4/2019
Very responsive to enquiry great packaging as well.

Lim Wei Keat . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 25/4/2019
No complaint!

Tony Heung . Victoria, Australia . 08/5/2019
Still awesome!

Tony Heung . Victoria, Australia . 08/5/2019
Great job!

Tony Heung . Victoria, Australia . 08/5/2019
No complaint yet.

Tony Heung . Victoria, Australia . 08/5/2019
No complaint yet.

Tony Heung . Victoria, Australia . 08/5/2019
No complaint yet.

Tony Heung . Victoria, Australia . 08/5/2019
If there is any way to make the site go faster then that will be perfect!

Tony Heung . Victoria, Australia . 08/5/2019
Was very pleased with my shopping experience here and will maybe do it again. Thanks!

Julia Schwammenschneider . Felixdorf, Austria . 03/5/2019
Sometimes... prices could get slightly higher than other websites. But just sometimes.

Tony Heung . Victoria, Australia . 08/5/2019
5 star ++++

Raphael Chiew . Sabah, Malaysia . 25/4/2019
Shop with a peace of mind!

Raphael Chiew . Sabah, Malaysia . 25/4/2019
the best! Tq TP!

Kong Thau Fui . Sabah, Malaysia . 26/4/2019
The best! Tq TP!

Kong Thau Fui . Sabah, Malaysia . 26/4/2019
very good and fast

Sean Wee . Selangor, Malaysia . 25/4/2019
Once again, you guys have proves yrself to be one of the best, if not the best online toy store in Malaysia! Response and communication is fantastic.

Donovan Tan . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 25/4/2019

YU CHIN HWEE . JOHOR, Malaysia . 30/4/2019
Fast shipping and best service as always!

Julian Chai Ee Chern . Selangor D.E., Malaysia . 29/4/2019
Best seller. Fast shipping with nice packaging. Sure will come back for shopping

Hua Fei Keong . Selangor, Malaysia . 27/4/2019
+AAA Seller .. Thank u

MOHD JASEM ABDULLA KWI 36061 . Selangor, Malaysia . 25/4/2019
+AAA Seller .. Thank u

MOHD JASEM ABDULLA KWI 36061 . Selangor, Malaysia . 25/4/2019
+AAA Seller .. Thank u

MOHD JASEM ABDULLA KWI 36061 . Selangor, Malaysia . 25/4/2019
The figure is released quite late in your store considering it is officially released months ago. Even though it is within two month from your store's estimated date released, it is still barely safe.

Everything else is perfect as usual. Good packing, items received in good condition and good PR from store's staff.

Mohd Kamal Abdul Kadir . Selangor, Malaysia . 24/4/2019
Superior toys

Norazreen Bt Ismail . Kelantan, Malaysia . 24/4/2019
Awesome! 5 stars service forever. Thank you very much.

MEGAT JOHAR . SELANGOR, Malaysia . 24/4/2019
good packing as usual, thank you.

Eu Jieh Shiong . Perak, Malaysia . 24/4/2019
Received the figure with excellent packaging plus with friendly service. Recommended toy store in Malaysia.

Tan Cha Chien . Terengganu, Malaysia . 24/4/2019
My first transaction and certainly wont be my last. Well packaged, great communication and email updates.

Sashi Silver Raj . Selangor, Malaysia . 26/4/2019
Item came in perfect condition. Love it!

Jason Ding . Selangor, Malaysia . 24/4/2019
Great packaging. Was worried on the condition of box when delivered. But It came in great packing condition. Always wanted purchase of Hot Toys product to be delivered in good condition.
Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Benson CYK . Selangor, Malaysia . 24/4/2019
Best seller ! Will keeping place order here !!!

Siew Jenn Shiuan . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 24/4/2019
Reliable, secure delivery

Tan Hock Soo . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 06/5/2019
Best as usual

Tan Hock Soo . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 03/5/2019
Redponsive and fid an excellent packing the stuff for shipping

Lim Wei Keat . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 25/4/2019
Best place to get hard-to-get toys with very attractive price. All the toys are nicely wrapped and protected.

Jimmy Gan Lai Chai . SELANGOR, Malaysia . 23/4/2019
This is my first shopping experience with ToyPanic. The service was good they followed through the entire delivery process and provided email updates. Replies was also swift. Item received in good condition within 3 days. Looking forward to buying more products with ToyPanic.

Tan Teng Yi . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 23/4/2019
Easy transaction. Fast delivery. Awesome packaging. Really satisfied.

Nur Syazana Wahidah . Selangor, Malaysia . 23/4/2019
The item arrived safely and in great condition. and i must commend Toy Panic due to their consideration of holding this order for me. Thank you for the excellent service that bring joy in us collectors!

Dzairil Imran Jamil . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 23/4/2019
I have nothing to comment because your service are top notch! Well done ToyPanic. Looking forward to do more toy hunting with ToyPanic in the future!

Muhammad Khairul Azwan bin Abu Bakar . Kedah, Malaysia . 23/4/2019
As always, fantastic service and communication. Fast shipping. Figure came in pristine condition. Thanks!

Lim See Ooi . Selangor, Malaysia . 23/4/2019
Great as always! :D

Lai Chee Fai . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 23/4/2019

Testimonials Lets hear what our collectors & gamers have to say about us (16238)
"great service. fast response, good packaging. fabulous reseller. highly recommended and for sure will deal again."
David NG (Selangor, Malaysia)
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"My first African American 1/6, will turn him into SWAT uniformed hero. Nice body and head sculpt, thanks bro"
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"Hi i have receive the 1/1 first order storm troopers helmets...... thank you so much guys.......keep the good job.... will keep support your guys."
cavin khu (Selangor, malaysia)
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