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Always the best from you Ethan... Hope you doing well #staysave #stayhome

Muhammad Takrim Ab Rahman . Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia . 07/6/2020
Your service is still commendable even this MCO period. Fantastic job!

Jude Guia . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 07/6/2020
Fast shipping, amazing packaging as usual. Best toystore in Malaysia!

Fuad Idris . Perak, Malaysia . 06/6/2020
best toyshop in galaxy

Kam Sheare Liang . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 06/6/2020
awesome service as always

Ku Mohd Syafiq B Ku Yusoff . Perlis, Malaysia . 06/6/2020
Good service. Even tho the box got dent but I appreciate that u guys email about it. Appreciate it

Sim Foo Tong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 07/6/2020
Great Experience, lot of figure to pick from here.

Kevin Saw . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 06/6/2020
11/10! Easily the best toy shop in Malaysia

Nazrul Zameri . Terengganu, Malaysia . 06/6/2020
Best marketplace for toys

Simply 5 stars as always.

MEGAT JOHAR . Selangor, Malaysia . 06/6/2020
As usual, best service, best toys shop, best price, Toypanic has never disappointed me. I will think of Toypanic first if I want to purchase any toys.

KohGhee . Selangor, Malaysia . 05/6/2020
Item are received in great condition....well done Toypanic.

Mohd. Irwan B. Ariff . Sarawak, Malaysia . 05/6/2020
Best packaging ever!
Even a small item, the box is big to protect the item!

Edwin Ng . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 05/6/2020
good service like always . my number 1 toy shop in malaysia .
I have some suggestion tho. why not try give toypanic top fans button badge to the selected customer as free gift . :)

MUHAMMAD DANIAL NAIM . Selangor, Malaysia . 05/6/2020
Fast delivery, thanks to toypanic free upgrade to express delivery! Item received in good packaging and wrap with bubble wrap.

Tong Kin Yuan . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 05/6/2020
Very good service!!!

Ernie Ho . Pulau pinang, Malaysia . 05/6/2020
Other than the delayed because of the Raya Aidil Fitri and MCO, ToyPanic services are always top of their class. Can't be compare with any other collectors' shops. Simply the BEST!

Mohd Roffee Mohamad . Selangor, Malaysia . 05/6/2020
Thank you for fast delivery even during CMCO.

Mac Chan . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 04/6/2020
Everything is fine~

Lim Yi Qin . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 04/6/2020
As usual Toy Panic team is the best.. Keep up the good work guys.

Syahid Amin . Melaka, Malaysia . 04/6/2020
Nice Packaging!! Good Job!!

Lam Hao Yuan . Johor, Malaysia . 04/6/2020
Toypanis is the Best!!!

Lam Hao Yuan . Johor, Malaysia . 04/6/2020
Superb! Best and safe packaging! The services from you guys is top notch and always makes the customers satisfied with your services! Keep up the good work guys!

Mohd Shafiq Nizam . Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia . 04/6/2020
Best and safe packaging! Will purchase more in future to support you guys! You all are the best! Always put customers first!

Mohd Shafiq Nizam . Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia . 04/6/2020
Received in good condition. Packaging everything ok

Hooi Mun Keong . Perak, Malaysia . 04/6/2020
Is it possible to send using Poslaju? Because I used to had bad experience with CityLink.

Mohd Hafidzam Mohd Haniff . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 03/6/2020
How ironic the name toypanic. I’ve never panicked once ordering from em! 10/10!

Chan Pei Qi . Perak, Malaysia . 03/6/2020
As always support Toypanic!

Tham Weng Zhung . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 03/6/2020
Prompt delivery and best Seller

Faisal Abd Razak . Selangor, Malaysia . 03/6/2020
Steady packaging

Billy Tan . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 03/6/2020
SDCS, imagine SD with "MG" inner frame. The SDCS barbatos comes with the CS frame and the normal SD frame, additional CS frame not needed to complete the built with an add on CS proportion.

Chow Kar Meng . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 03/6/2020
excellent job as always...good packing,good services

Erwan Yahya . Sabah, Malaysia . 03/6/2020
Excellent Packing & speedy arrangement on delivery.

TAN SIN TENG . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 02/6/2020
as i expected, good packaging, all in good condition, so happy today ?? thankyou

Mohamad Ariffuddin Bin Hashim . Perak, Malaysia . 02/6/2020
This is actually my first time doing the shipping method and I am very satisfied with the service. I used to thought shipping can usually cause the figurines package to have damaged corners but surprisingly it came with 100% perfect condition. Very satisfied and will do that again next time :)! ToyPanic is the best!

Andson See . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 02/6/2020
Highly recommended store for figure collection!!! Awesome!

Loh Wee Keat . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 02/6/2020
Items was well packaged and arrived quite promptly and safely. Thanks.

Lyn Liew . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 02/6/2020
Top service as always. 5 stars

Hafizi Eiji . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 02/6/2020
Better than I expected, will definitely buy more from you! thanks!

Kar Chun . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 02/6/2020
Fast delivery, friendly,good packing.

Ikmal Hasydan b Yaakop Tajuddin . Perak, Malaysia . 02/6/2020
Nice packaging. Good product quality. Will be buy with ToyPanic again.

Mohamad Zulhelmi bin Rodze . Kedah, Malaysia . 02/6/2020
Goods was well pack and informative. Fast and reliable. Highly recommended.

Tan Weng Kung . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 03/6/2020
Perfect except for the delayed because of the MCO. Other than that ToyPanic services always top of the class!

Mohd Roffee Mohamad . Selangor, Malaysia . 01/6/2020
Forever 5 stars. Keep it up!

MEGAT JOHAR . Selangor, Malaysia . 01/6/2020
Forever 5 stars. Keep it up!

MEGAT JOHAR . Selangor, Malaysia . 01/6/2020
Overall service is good. However the shipper box of this figure is slightly damaged. Not sure if it happens during shipping or before. But figure is still intact and nice so it’s ok.

Lim Ting Chung . Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia . 01/6/2020
Item nicely packed and done in short period of time. Great job

Lim Ting Chung . Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia . 01/6/2020
Fast packing by the team upon receiving stock. Thank you

Lim Ting Chung . Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia . 01/6/2020
As always toypanic is the best, can you imagine it send to your house within 24-hours?! Toypanic still the best! thank you so much toypanic, we love you!

Dimas Er Baihaqy . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 01/6/2020
As usual
Item is wrapped with proper material and best price in town

Shafeeq Ahmad . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 31/5/2020
So far, everything has been perfect for me. Keep up the good work i got nothing to complain :D.

Kanoon Wal . Kedah, Malaysia . 31/5/2020
Item revived. Some pieces had to be reglued but that's down to the issue with the item itself. Otherwise no delivery was as expected.
Will order again.

Aaron Christopher Luis . Selangor, Malaysia . 31/5/2020
Received in great condition..very fast shipment..TQ so much TOYPANIC!!!

Muhamad Bakri Bin Idris . Kelantan, Malaysia . 30/5/2020

Bakri . Kelantan, Malaysia . 30/5/2020
Great service as usual, shipped the after they received the item, got it a few days later. awesome 10/10

Daryl Lee Jin Ann . SELANGOR, Malaysia . 30/5/2020
Hope to deal again. 5 STAR ALWAYS !THE BEST!!

Carmenmak . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 30/5/2020
Hope to deal again. 5 STAR ALWAYS !THE BEST!!

Carmenmak . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 30/5/2020
Ok for all, staff is very helpful. Reasonable price for most of the figure and toys.
Enjoy much while walking in to the store, sooo much figure and toys to pick.

Kevin Saw . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 31/5/2020
As always most fantastic service from Toypanic! Definitely looking forward to come back and collect more things from there!

Teh Wei Hong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 30/5/2020
Great team at work to be honest. Very prompt with responses, always appreciated. Delivery was quick, too! Can't wait for more items to arrive and delivered!

Julian Ng . Selangor, Malaysia . 30/5/2020
Delivery was extremely fast... Items packed securely... Always a pleasure.. Excellent work guys!...

Shazman suhaimi . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 30/5/2020
even during tough times, you guys got everything ready pretty fast. *thumbs up*

Daryl Chow . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 30/5/2020
Second purchase. The parcel received under a good condition and very fast! Their packaging and services are totally ????

Tee Hui Yi . Selangor, Malaysia . 30/5/2020
Second time buying is great experience. Good packaging from the seller!

Mohd Amer Huzairy Razisahmad . Sabah, Malaysia . 30/5/2020
This toy store is literally the best epic store! Fast delivery, best service and very friendly. Keep it up!

Muhammad Addin Bin Hassan . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 02/6/2020
Toy Best-Nic

Chan Xin Liang . Perak, Malaysia . 29/5/2020
Thanks for the upgrade shipping with all the items put together. Another great service from ToyPanic keep up the good work.

Choo Kian Fui . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 29/5/2020
Blazing fast delivery, thumbs up for such a great shop and great services. Happy with my purchase and will further deal with them again!

Tong Kin Yuan . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 29/5/2020
Worth every penny.. Gonna repeat soon.

Fatin Farhanah Alham . Melaka, Malaysia . 29/5/2020
Very easy to deal with and super fast delivery! Keep up the good work!

Mohd Azlan Bin Ibrahim . Johor, Malaysia . 29/5/2020
Received with thanks, awesome packaging and service!

Liew Yen Hong . Johor, Malaysia . 29/5/2020
Good good service

Lau mun wah . Perak, Malaysia . 29/5/2020
You guys are the best

Surendren Muniandy . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 29/5/2020
Shipping is super fast and the figurine is packed nicely in a bubble wrap and box.
Keep it up !

Sally Tan . Selangor, Malaysia . 29/5/2020
nice package! fast delivery!

pann wui chen . Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia . 29/5/2020
Very good service!!!

Ernie Ho . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 05/6/2020
Good packaging provided. Gdex deliveries is also faster than Citylink. Well satisfied.

Muhamad Fauzi Bin Hazizi . Selangor, Malaysia . 01/6/2020
Just received both of my hot toys thanos and captain marvel. Great service. Fast delivery. Toypanic for life!

Tan Jia Yi . Kedah, Malaysia . 28/5/2020
As usual, superb service. Professional. Highly recommended!

Melvin . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 29/5/2020
Fast Shipment, items well packed. Highly recommended!

Lim Li Tatt . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 28/5/2020
As always, received item in good condition and good service. Definitely will continue to deal with Toypanic.

Loh Wee Keat . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 28/5/2020
Still my 1st choice for buying Hobby toys. Toypanic staff is very committed, responsive & helpful. Hope Toypanic will expand throughout the country. From your fingertip, Buy safely & Hassle free.

azrul nizam . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 28/5/2020
Very prompt delivery. Great customer service. I have purchased my first NECA from ToyPanic and will be looking forward to making another order very soon. Just wish there was more products 'In Stock' as have missed out on some I really want :(

Arvind Sidhu . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 29/5/2020
Go value for this item. thanks

Ronnie Vee . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 28/5/2020
Very well :) just little bit slow to receive.

zanucci zanussi . Selangor, Malaysia . 27/5/2020
Item received fast and in good condition. Thank you Toypanic !

TOH GUAN HUAT . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 27/5/2020
Thanks for the deals. I love Toypanic

Bui Nguyen Minh Quan . Selangor, Malaysia . 27/5/2020
4th time buying figure from Toypanic. No doubt their customer service is the best !

Ng Jack win . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 27/5/2020
The packaging are so good. Product quality very nice!

CHEK CHANG HUAT . Johor, Malaysia . 27/5/2020
Excellent as always... just mco make the item late to arrive. Other than that... perfect.????

Erwan Yahya . Sabah, Malaysia . 29/5/2020
Nice packaging & price adorable..Receive the mail before sending out my parcel, will repurchase...Waiting for my perorder..

Apple Ng . Selangor, Malaysia . 26/5/2020
Thanks for good service

Alex Wong . Johor, Malaysia . 26/5/2020
Good product, good service by seller. I enjoy that.

RUSTARMIZI BIN LONG . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 24/5/2020
Best Gunpla shop in Penang

Brandon Wong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 23/5/2020
Best ever

khoo teng leong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 23/5/2020
Got my first hot toys from Toypanic. Enjoyable experience to deal with staff and system

Lee Ming Hong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 28/5/2020
Great service, very friendly and easy to talk to. Very happy shopping with Toy Panic and would recommend it to everyone who is into collecting.

Choo Ming Sin . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 23/5/2020
Great Service! Love the environment

Ong Jing Xiong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 24/5/2020

Erwan Yahya . Sabah, Malaysia . 23/5/2020
best services and fast delivery, package come with perfect condition!!

LOW KIAN BOON . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 23/5/2020
Delivery status are updated promptly.
And its really fast!
Appreciate toypanic effort =)

Lee Chee Kuan . Selangor, Malaysia . 23/5/2020
Items arrived packed well. Boxes are perfect. Best toy vendor to deal with with excellent update of shipping status

James Ng Boon Khong . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 24/5/2020
TOYPANIC always delivers and only store I am committed to buying via online for the last few years .
They really make sure the items are delivered to your doorstep.

Samlaleo Singh . Selangor, Malaysia . 25/5/2020

HOW WAN WEI . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 23/5/2020
No complaints here. Item received in very good condition. Recommended to all!

AZHAR EZANI . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 26/5/2020
Fast delivery, figure all ok

Wong Chee Woon . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 23/5/2020
nice packing & fast shipping

Jasper Chung . Sabah, Malaysia . 22/5/2020
I love it, thanks ya!

Kit chan . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 22/5/2020
Good packaging and item arrived safely.
Just the some hiccups on gdex delivery as delivery status showing out for delivery on 18th and held back, 2nd day 19th also showing out for delivery but didn't receive. Lastly on 20th only successful delivered to my doorstep.
Overall good experience for first time. Definitely will return for other toys. Good job.

LIM CHIN SIAN . Selangor, Malaysia . 21/5/2020
Item shipped with no damage, very well handled.

Jerry Soon . Selangor, Malaysia . 21/5/2020
Item arrived in good condition

Ryan Wong . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 21/5/2020
receive in good condition

Allex Lo Swee Leong . Sarawak, Malaysia . 21/5/2020
receive in good condition

Allex Lo Swee Leong . Sarawak, Malaysia . 21/5/2020
Best service

Wooi . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 21/5/2020
The best!! The best!! Because your fast delivery and awesome service, now I have Raya toy to enjoy (when I thought it won't reach before raya)!! Yoshhhhh. Thanks

MOHD ONALD NURILLAH . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 21/5/2020
I believe that the nowadays there are a lot of competitors out there. But I still wish ToyPanic can provide better prices and also provide monthly installment for more flexibility to all level of consumers. Please consider. Thank you.

Darren Wong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 21/5/2020
Puas hati Dan terbaek !

Wan Muhammad Hazem bin Mohd Yusoh . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 21/5/2020
Toypanic is the best. They have taken extra miles to send me my package during MCO. Thank you and I am definitely shopping with Toypanic for many years to come.

Chun Woei . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 21/5/2020
Package got it with good condition, good job guys.. Keep it up !! Will support toy panic again.

Terence Chai . Johor, Malaysia . 20/5/2020
Very fast delivery.

Andrew Ong Chia Min . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 20/5/2020
Best toy and gaming store in town! since I discovered this hidden gem a few days back

Abdul kader . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 21/5/2020
Item received with good packaging and condition. Fast delivery !

Alvis Foong Kok Chian . Perak, Malaysia . 20/5/2020
Fast delivery, the package are well packed with huge box and nice bubble wrap to protect the product, very nice! Great services and absolutely will deal with them again next time.

Tong Kin Yuan . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 20/5/2020
Item is well pack and protected. Item received in excellent condition! Thank you Toypanic :)

TOH GUAN HUAT . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 20/5/2020
received in perfect condition. will continue support toypanic!

Jake Wong . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 20/5/2020
Fast to ship the item and as always, packaging is awesome

Sahfutdin Suaidi . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 20/5/2020
Received the item in good condition and good packaging. The packaging is well protected the figure.
the shipping company the shipment handle is slow , may be related with MCO. Toypanic always is my 1st choice for collect figure , model kits and toys.

TC Lim . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 19/5/2020
ToyPanic always my first choice when the products are available from them.
They are very responsible towards your purchase.

Ong Yoong Han . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 19/5/2020
Great communication, reasonably fast shipping despite mco and good packaging

Francis Gan Lee Seng . Johor, Malaysia . 19/5/2020
The best price in town! Have the list for almost kit, in RG specially. And the info for the kits is really helping a lot. Delivery also quite fast even though in tough time like now.

Espada Primera . Selangor, Malaysia . 19/5/2020
the box is well wrapped, fast delivery and good quality, will definitively buy from you more and recommend to my friends

Kar Chun . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 01/6/2020
Really good experience all around. Seller gave a lot of information when the item was sent. Packaging was also really good.

Deylan Shiva . Perlis, Malaysia . 18/5/2020
Very fast response. Item packing very good. But courier citylink during mco take almost 7 days to reach. Actual item box slightly damaged. Though I am not really a box keeper person

Brennan Hiew . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 18/5/2020
Haven't get to fly back home to check my parcel due to MCO but it is been received and I guess the inside would be great too. Thank you TP!

Chie Ming Lau . Selangor, Malaysia . 18/5/2020
Excellent service as always from ToyPanic! Looking forward to do my hunting with you again in the future and stay safe!

Muhammad Khairul Azwan bin Abu Bakar . Kedah, Malaysia . 16/5/2020
Good service as always

Lee Yet Sheng . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 16/5/2020
Fast delivery.

Tan Chee Hong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 16/5/2020
Been searching for the best price of MG AGE-II Magnum and coincidentally you guys fit the best price criteria in my book! Received it together with my Robot Damashii Dragonar-1 Custom in excellent condition! Thanks again ToyPanic and stay safe!

Muhammad Khairul Azwan bin Abu Bakar . Kedah, Malaysia . 15/5/2020
Received my Robot Damashii Dragonar-1 Custom in excellent condition and this is my first Robot Damashii! Thank you ToyPanic and stay safe!

Muhammad Khairul Azwan bin Abu Bakar . Kedah, Malaysia . 15/5/2020
Thank you for your service. Your service was excellent and very efficient. Many thanks for your kind and efficient service. I have already received my goods and I will definitely continue to recommend your services to my friends and family.

Aaron Leong . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 15/5/2020
Fast service , nice packaging

Fauzi . Selangor, Malaysia . 15/5/2020
no have any comments, but wish that customers can know those preorder status every 2 months

Yeap Leik Ching . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 15/5/2020
Very Nicely packed. good service

Satis Kumar . Selangor, Malaysia . 15/5/2020
GDex delivery man didn't call me when he arrived, and gave my parcel to someone else

Teoh Chin Eng . Perak, Malaysia . 15/5/2020
Happy to purchase here again. Good packaging and fast shipment. Item received in good condition. Good job!

MUHAMMAD SYAZWAN BIN AZMI . Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia . 15/5/2020
best toyshop in universe

Palita (NIM) . Perlis, Malaysia . 15/5/2020
Excellent packing & communication as usual from Team TP

IvanTan . Selangor, Malaysia . 14/5/2020
Good good service

Lau mun wah . Perak, Malaysia . 14/5/2020
I would like give u a token of credit. Even during mco , your service still excellent!

Kong Fei Voon . Selangor, Malaysia . 14/5/2020

Aiman Azly . Pahang, Malaysia . 14/5/2020
Good experience with the shop and people. Keep it up

Ronnie Vee . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 14/5/2020
Fast shipping, and product arrived in good conditions.

Chong Kar Log . Selangor, Malaysia . 30/5/2020
Great Service By Seller as Always

Mohd Dzarif . Selangor, Malaysia . 13/5/2020
Said thanks n best too many times, so now it's time to put in a request.
Start cosbaby preorders please!! XD

Joshua Benedict Salais . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 13/5/2020
So far my experience with TP is excellent

Mohd. Kamarulredzuan b. Kamarulzaman . Terengganu, Malaysia . 12/5/2020
Fast shipping, safely arrived & good service by the seller..

Hairul Irwan Bin Yahaya . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 12/5/2020
As always, I thoroughly enjoy my buying experience from Toypanic.
The service given is great The postage is fast and goods are safely delivered.
I understand that Toypanic cannot cater for all buyers taste, I sometime's wish Toypanic has connections to get some exclusive stuff from time to time, recently is the Mezco Batman 1989. Nice to have but not a must.

Great team. Good work
Thank you

Benson CYK . Selangor, Malaysia . 12/5/2020
Great dealing with u guys.... always

Shazman suhaimi . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 12/5/2020
All season best seller. MCO or not. Double thumbs up to Toypanic!!!

Jimmy Wong . Selangor, Malaysia . 12/5/2020
product condition was good and delivery was fast?

Aden Chay . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 12/5/2020
Trusted, good packaging, item in good condition. setisfy ??

Mohamad Ariffuddin Bin Hashim . Perak, Malaysia . 11/5/2020
Good packaging.

sunny loh . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 11/5/2020
Wow,impressed with their service. Item and packaging are all in good condition. Delivery super fast. Ordered on Thursday which was a public holiday but the goods arrived on Saturday. Kudos to toypanic for their great service and not to forget I got the gunplas at a super bargain. Cheapest in Malaysia!

Aidi Shafiz Norhisham . Johor, Malaysia . 09/5/2020
great packaging, super fast delivery. well done!

Norhafizah Mohd Noh . Selangor, Malaysia . 09/5/2020
Got something from here with a very good price , and the reward point is very tempting to keep me from buying with them again.

Cheng Chor Yi . Selangor, Malaysia . 09/5/2020
This is my 2nd time of purchasing from Toypanic. Really impressed by fast response and nice packaging. Hopefully I can purchase more from them.

Kenny Chong . Selangor, Malaysia . 09/5/2020
You can always trust ToyPanic, regardless of the price of the order, they always provide the best services to ensure the safety of your goods.

Ong Yoong Han . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 10/5/2020
Always making my day better,good quality service n boxing,tq toy panic

albar noh . Selangor, Malaysia . 09/5/2020
Fast and very nice packing

Hon . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 08/5/2020
Damn good packaging, was not expecting such a big box. Thank you for sending pictures of the package as well, easy to recognize when the courier came. Came in really fast time too. Item arrived in perfect condition, no tears, zipper working fine. Thank you so much for the care on the items.

Amelia Tan . Selangor, Malaysia . 08/5/2020
Faster delivery and nice packing !

LEI WEI LOON . Selangor, Malaysia . 08/5/2020
Excellent service, fast delivery, item nicely pack, friendly, Definitely my first choice of online toy shop.

KohGhee . Selangor, Malaysia . 07/5/2020
The statue came delivered exactly as how it was shown on the site's page and I'm very satisfied with this item. Plus points for quick delivery time within 2 days after order was made.

Definitely will reach out to your site again for future purchases! :)

Chew Wee Li . Perak, Malaysia . 07/5/2020
Notify me of my deliveries before start shipping

Teoh Chin Eng . Perak, Malaysia . 07/5/2020
Again, awesome response and super fast delivery! Best of the best!

Donovan Tan . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 07/5/2020
Very good packaging and fast delivery.

Amin Danial bin Saleh . Melaka, Malaysia . 07/5/2020
Good Service, The item is well packing and fast delivery during MCO.
5 of 5 rating

CHOO BAK KIM . Kedah, Malaysia . 11/5/2020
10/10 services as always.

Hafizi Eiji . Selangor, Malaysia . 06/5/2020
received item with small defect. but can manage to glue it back. other than that the service was good. fast and good packaging and citylink was very fast to send my item. good job toypanic

MUHAMMAD SYAZWAN BIN AZMI . Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia . 06/5/2020
Good packaging with bubble wrapping. Figure excellent quality with superb satisfaction. Good Job ToyPanic. Will continue support your toy shop. Thank you.

Danny Woo . Selangor, Malaysia . 05/5/2020
Excellent packing

TAN SIN TENG . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 05/5/2020
1 of the best online seller in the market. Top 2 most well known player that cover many different brand and products. Reputable, honest and reliable. Thank you ToyPanic

Daryl Wong IT Department . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 05/5/2020
Good packaging... Fast delivery.... Quality products

Tay Wai Nam . Selangor, Malaysia . 05/5/2020
With toypanic, u dont have to be panic on your toys needs (unless the preorder is soldout!!)

Zarrar Yazmi . Selangor, Malaysia . 03/5/2020
Fast delivery even during MCO period. Thanks to all staff

Lance Lim . Johor, Malaysia . 02/5/2020
Very honest and reliable. Will definitely buy again. Fast and accurate shipping and A++ customer service.

Daryl Wong IT Department . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 04/5/2020
Fast delivery even in MCO

Roland Pang Chi Chung . Selangor, Malaysia . 02/5/2020
excellent service. Good packaging

VOON SIAW CHIEN . Sarawak, Malaysia . 30/4/2020
I always have the best experience when I shop at Toypanic. Keep up the good work!

Vincent . Selangor, Malaysia . 30/4/2020
Wow! Fast delivery and excellent services from ToyPanic! Definitely worth it! ?????

Mohamad Afiq Faiz Mohamad Amin . Selangor, Malaysia . 29/4/2020
Item came in very good condition,thanks

albar noh . Selangor, Malaysia . 29/4/2020
Dint expect to received my collectible just 2 days.
Really appreciate your fast delivery.

Mac Chan . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 29/4/2020
Delivery is fast ! Overall : 5/5 ??

Brandon Tan Teck Yuan . Melaka, Malaysia . 29/4/2020
toypanic no1 in malaysia. best place to buy anime figure and ps4 games. no hidden charges

MOHD FAEZ FARHAN . Kelantan, Malaysia . 29/4/2020
Delivery was fast !

Brandon Tan Teck Yuan . Melaka, Malaysia . 29/4/2020
Great service online during this MCO.. Friendly.. Fast shipping and product are well packed and protected for safe shipping. Thanks for the great experience! Keep up the good work!!

Edwin Saw . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 28/4/2020
Very, very high-standard delivery. Lovely packaging and fast delivery. Very very unexpected quick delivery especially during this MCO times. The best & most convenient service I have had so far. Toypanic is the best.????????????????????.

Mohd.Yakob Bin A.Rahman . Johor, Malaysia . 28/4/2020
Clearly the best place for you to get your collection. Best service provided by them. Also, fast delivery with secure packinging. Will shop here again in the future.

Ahmad Muaz Khushairi Bin Ahmad Yani . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 28/4/2020
Best packaging ever! So much love for figures :D

Joshua Benedict Salais . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 28/4/2020
Fast delivery even during mco.

Khaw Wei Xhen . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 28/4/2020

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"As usual 5 star treatment received from toypanic today. Received item in 1 day only. Fast shipment and prompt. I never had problem as far as buying from toypanic. The beauty PO from toypanic is about their OPEN PAYMENT. I can buy expensive item without worries dump huge of $$ when release, as i can pay the item progressively until the item is in stock. Keep up the good work guys !!!"
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"Very impressive service & package! Good job. Will definitely continue support!"
ng sze kwong (Selangor, Malaysia)
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"Hello from France. As to your habit, fast and safe, it is always perfect. I think that the name of writing on the box can attract thieves of packages, it exists in France. Cordially and see you soon. Jean-Jacques"
Jean-Jacques TERRONES (Val de Marne, FRANCE)
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