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Deformations Vol.2 Anubis
From Union Creative
MYR238.00 . MYR214.20  . 214 Panic Points

1/6 The Lich King Frozen Lords Deluxe Edition
From Coreplay
MYR1338.00  . 1338 Panic Points

Heavy Metal - Mazinger Zero
From Action Toys
1378 Panic Points

S.H. Figuarts First Order Storm Storm Trooper (Shield & Baton Set) (Tamashii Limited)
From Bandai
MYR308.00 . MYR246.40  . 246 Panic Points

1/6 scale Yue Family Breaks Enemy - Team Will Collectible Figure
From Sonder
MYR658.00  . 658 Panic Points

1/6 scale Custom Angry Wolf Full Set
From Eleven
MYR328.00  . 328 Panic Points

1/18 Russian Reengineering Soldier SSO - Wolf Team Victor
From Joy Toy
108 Panic Points

1/18 Russian Reengineering Soldier SSO - Wolf Team Boris
From Joy Toy
108 Panic Points

HS02 Prime G1 Style Prop Sky Pillar
From Hot Soldiers
MYR198.00  . 198 Panic Points

1/6 Samurai General
From Pangaea
938 Panic Points

1/60 PG RX-ON Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn
From Bandai
MYR778.00 . MYR700.20
700 Panic Points

Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) MSM-04 Acguy ver .A.N.I.M.E.
From Bandai
MYR258.00 . MYR219.30
219 Panic Points

1/10 Beach Queens Mitsuru Kirijo
From Wave
MYR248.00 . MYR223.20
223 Panic Points

Vulcanlog 007 Goshogun Regular Color
From Union Creative
MYR318.00 . MYR286.20  . 286 Panic Points

1/6 (Diecast Armor) - Armor of Imagawa Yoshimoto (Legend Edition) SE026
From Coomodel
MYR1088.00  . 1088 Panic Points

Captain America Premium Format Figure
From Sideshow
2328 Panic Points

PS4 Ace Combat 7 Eng Version (R3)
From Bandai Namco Games
208 Panic Points

1/6 Chris Crisp Collagen Body
From Momtoys
MYR608.00 . MYR547.20
547 Panic Points

HG 1/300 Go-Saurer
From Bandai
MYR195.00  . 195 Panic Points

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Gaim Orange Arms - 20 Kamen Rider Kicks Ver.
From Bandai
208 Panic Points

HGBD 1/144 Gundam Love Phantom
From Bandai
MYR78.00  . 78 Panic Points

S.H.Figuarts Deadshot (Tamashii)
From Bandai
MYR388.00 . MYR349.20  . 349 Panic Points

Robot Spirits SIDE MS MSM-07 ZGok Production Type ver. A.N.I.M.E.
From Bandai
MYR238.00 . MYR214.20
214 Panic Points

MG 1/100 PLAN303E Deep Striker Gundam
From Bandai
MYR698.00 . MYR558.40  . 558 Panic Points

HG 1/144 Blue Destiny Unit 3 Exam
From Bandai
MYR65.00 . MYR61.75  . 62 Panic Points

Egg Attack Action EAA-033 Captain America Civil War Black Panther
From Beast Kingdom
MYR398.00  . 398 Panic Points

S.H.Figuarts Black Panther (Tamashii)
From Bandai
MYR358.00  . 358 Panic Points

Transformers Power of the Primes PP-31 Predaking
From Takara Tomy
848 Panic Points

Hi-Resolution Model 1/100 Wing Gundam EW Ver. (P-Bandai)
From Bandai
MYR498.00  . 498 Panic Points

OP Glitter & Brave - Sanji
From Banpresto
MYR90.00  . 90 Panic Points

MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Ver.Ka Plastic Model
From Bandai
MYR185.00 . MYR157.25  . 157 Panic Points

PS4 MLB 18 The Show Chinese/English Version (R3)
From Sony
198 Panic Points

PS4 MLB 18 The Show MVP Edition Chinese / English Version
From Sony
MYR218.00  . 218 Panic Points

PS4 Shining Resonance Refrain Chinese Version (R3)
From Sega
158 Panic Points

PS Vita Super Robot War X Chinese Version (R3)
From Bandai Namco Games
218 Panic Points

HG 1/144 GN-009GNHW/B Seravee Gundam GNHW/B
From Bandai
MYR75.00  . 75 Panic Points

HG 1/144 0 Gundam (Type A.C.D)
From Bandai
MYR55.00  . 55 Panic Points

HG 1/144 Gundam 00 Raiser (Designers Color Ver.)
From Bandai
MYR75.00  . 75 Panic Points

HG 1/144 Perfect Strike Gundam
From Bandai
MYR68.00  . 68 Panic Points

HGUC 1/144 MSZ-008 ZII
From Bandai
MYR88.00  . 88 Panic Points


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