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1/1 Terminator T800 Art Mask
From Pure Arts
MYR1738.00 . MYR1651.10
1651 Panic Points

1/1 T-600 (Terminator Salvation) Life-Size Bust
From Sideshow
1998 Panic Points

1/1 Terminator Genisys T-800 Endoskeleton Bust
From Chronicle Collectibles
MYR2688.00 . MYR2016.00
2016 Panic Points

Terminator Dark Fate - T-800
From Neca
MYR148.00 . MYR140.60  . 141 Panic Points

1/6 The Conner Set & Scaled Teenager Body
From Asmus Toys
MYR598.00 . MYR478.40
478 Panic Points

1/6 Connor With 2 Headsculpts And Narrow Shoulders Movable Male Body
From CGL
MYR298.00 . MYR253.30  . 253 Panic Points

1/6 A Robot with a Coffin Leather Coat Suits
From Poptoys
MYR358.00 . MYR304.30
304 Panic Points

Hero Remix Terminator Genisys: T-800 Endoskeleton Action Figure
From Dragon
MYR218.00 . MYR207.10
207 Panic Points

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