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No.1 Battle Damaged Version MPP10
From Wei Jiang
450 Panic Points

Small Full Diecast Commander (Optimus Prime TLK)
From Wei Jiang
MYR68.00  . 68 Panic Points

M01-D Commander Battle Damage Ver.
From Wei Jiang
298 Panic Points

MPP10 Alloy Upscaled Optimus Prime
From Wei Jiang
248 Panic Points

Oversize Throttlebot Combiner (Set of 6 with add on set)
From Wei Jiang
MYR398.00  . 398 Panic Points

M02 Desert Pioneer - Sneak (Hound Special Color)
From Wei Jiang
MYR188.00 . MYR141.00
141 Panic Points

M04 Oversized Armed Cannon (Not Brawl)
From Wei Jiang
MYR268.00 . MYR227.80  . 228 Panic Points

Robot Force Machine Hero (MPSS Commander)
From Wei Jiang
MYR58.00 . MYR29.00
29 Panic Points

MPP10 Prime Trailer
From Wei Jiang
MYR188.00 . MYR178.60  . 179 Panic Points

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