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The Invisible Sanji (from JZ x Magic Cube)
From JZ x Magic Cube
1590 Panic Points

Pika-Ironman (from Peter.P Studio)
From Peter.P Studio
MYR320.00  . 320 Panic Points

Chi-Chi (from MT Studio)
From MT Studio
355 Panic Points

1/6 Nefertari Vivi & Karoo (from U2 Studio)
From U2 Studio
MYR1450.00  . 1450 Panic Points

Guile (from King Fight)
From King Fight
MYR740.00  . 740 Panic Points

Magikarp (from Ojitendo Studio)
From Ojitendo Studio
MYR620.00  . 620 Panic Points

1/7 Sasuke (from Lizard Studio)
From Lizard Studio
MYR1180.00  . 1180 Panic Points

Iron Suit Spiderman (from Shui Mu Studio)
From Shui Mu Studio
MYR760.00  . 760 Panic Points

Germa66 Sanji (from IM Studio)
From IM Studio
1920 Panic Points

Venom (from Frost Wolf x Viking Industry)
From Frost Wolf x Viking Industry
MYR1170.00  . 1170 Panic Points

Zoro (from Vaga Studio)
From Vaga Studio
MYR2060.00  . 2060 Panic Points

1/8 Nagato (from Timewalker Studio)
From Timewalker Studio
MYR1660.00  . 1660 Panic Points

Goku and Grandpa (from WZ Studio)
From WZ Studio
MYR1150.00  . 1150 Panic Points

Hulkbuster Franky (from Princekin Studio)
From Princekin Studio
MYR850.00  . 850 Panic Points

1/8 Roronoa Zoro (from Leo of Sky)
From Leo of Sky
MYR890.00  . 890 Panic Points

Charmander (from CH2 Toy)
From CH2 Toy
MYR380.00  . 380 Panic Points

Journey to the West (from SoulMade Studio)
From SoulMade Studio
MYR690.00  . 690 Panic Points

Alligator Snapping Turtle (from Animal Planet)
From Animal Planet
MYR310.00  . 310 Panic Points

SD Cross Silhouette Great Mazinger
From Bandai
MYR65.00  . 65 Panic Points

SD Cross Silhouette Mazinger Z
From Bandai
MYR65.00  . 65 Panic Points

MG 1/100 RGZ-91 RE-GZ
From Bandai
MYR138.00 . MYR131.10
131 Panic Points

HGUC 1/144 RX-78-3 Gundam + MS-09RS Rick-Dom Chars Custom Set
From Bandai
MYR98.00 . MYR88.20  . 88 Panic Points

HG 1/144 Gundam Nataku
From Bandai
MYR48.00  . 48 Panic Points

1/1 Terminator Genisys T-800 Endoskeleton Bust
From Chronicle Collectibles
MYR2688.00 . MYR2016.00
2016 Panic Points

Solo - A Star Wars Story - 1/6th scale Darth Maul Collectible Figure
From Hot Toys
MYR978.00  . 1956 Panic Points

Iron Man - Tony Starks Arc Reactor Life-Size Collectible
From Hot Toys
MYR820.00  . 1640 Panic Points

HT01 Iron Skeleton
From Joy Toy
228 Panic Points

1/6 European Shape New Body (Big Bust / Detachable Foot) JOQ-10E-YS
From Jiaou
MYR168.00  . 168 Panic Points

1/6 Strong Male Body Detachable Foot (Tan Skin) JOK-12D-YS
From Jiaou
MYR178.00  . 178 Panic Points

1/6 Scale Galac-Tac Urban Raider
From Green Wolf Gear
MYR718.00  . 718 Panic Points

Pans Labyrinth Guillermo del Toro Signature Collection - Ofelia
From Neca
158 Panic Points

Ultimate Michael Myers Figure (Halloween)
From Neca
MYR138.00  . 138 Panic Points

Sofbinal Venom
From Sentinel
MYR745.00 . MYR707.75  . 708 Panic Points

Sofbinal Spiderman
From Sentinel
MYR490.00 . MYR465.50  . 466 Panic Points

1/7 G.I. JOE Bishoujo - Baroness
From Kotobukiya
MYR548.00 . MYR520.60
521 Panic Points

1/35 Kisei Hashiki (Border Break) Plastic Model
From Kotobukiya
MYR518.00 . MYR492.10
492 Panic Points

Frame Arms Girl Zerfikar (ST Ver.) Plastic Model
From Kotobukiya
MYR348.00 . MYR330.60  . 331 Panic Points

Frame Arms Girl Gourai Kai (White) Ver.2 Plastic Model
From Kotobukiya
MYR278.00 . MYR264.10
264 Panic Points

1/7 SSSS.GRIDMAN Rikka Takarada
From Kotobukiya
MYR498.00 . MYR473.10  . 473 Panic Points

1/7 SSSS.GRIDMAN Akane Shinjo
From Kotobukiya
MYR578.00 . MYR549.10  . 549 Panic Points


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