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Captain America Civil War 1/6th scale Power Pose Mark XLVI Collectible Figure
From Hot Toys
Code: PPS003

~ Power Pose Series (PPS) ~

After the events of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America and the Avengers continue to protect the world, but with the rising concern of collateral damage by the government, the Avengers has become divided into two opposing factions led by Captain America Steve Rogers and the other by Iron Man Tony Stark over the government oversight and accountability for the Avengers.

Today, Hot Toys is pleased to officially debut the first 1/6th scale collectible figure of Tony Stark’s new Iron Man armor in Captain America: Civil War – the Mark XLVI to our Power Pose Series (PPS)!

The Mark XLVI Power Pose Collectible is highly detailed and specially crafted based on the image of Iron Man’s new armor in the film featuring a meticulously sculpted sleek and streamline armor, 28 LED light-up points throughout the body, specially applied metallic red, gold and dark silver colored painting on armor, articulated head and arms, interchangeable fists and repulsor palms, and figure base.

No matter which side are you on, this new Mark XLVI Power Pose Collectible will be a great addition to your Captain America: Civil War collection!
The 1/6th scale Mark XLVI Power Pose Collectible specially features:
- Authentic and detailed likeness of Mark XLVI in Captain America: Civil War  
- Approximately 31 cm tall
- Metallic red, gold and dark silver colored painting on the sleek and streamline Mark XLVI armor design
- 28 LED light-up points throughout parts of the armor (white light, battery operated)
- Articulated head and arms
- Two (2) pairs of interchangeable palms including:                                      
- One (1) pair of fists
- One (1) pair of repulsor firing palms (white light, battery operated)     
- Figure stand with transparent pole, Mark XLVI nameplate and Captain America: Civil War logo                                                                                  


Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

Our Price: MYR728.00


Only applicable within Malaysia
NOT applicable for international order

Comment (59)

Nope. Not for the power pose version :(
ToyPanic | 4/10/2017 8:41:57 AM
hi, is this a diecast?
Mohd Taufiq Khairi | 4/10/2017 6:52:27 AM
Yes, still available to PO. :) Just click pre-order now to place your PO. :) Thanks | 3/3/2017 5:53:17 PM
Still available for po?
Jack Neoh | 3/3/2017 4:20:26 PM
Yes, still available for Po. :) Just click "pre-order now" to place your preorder ya. Thanks. | 9/1/2017 1:06:53 PM
Hi. Can this still be preordered? The date shown has expired...
Kenny Gordvyn | 9/1/2017 12:21:16 PM
No news yet from Hot Toys :) Most probably it will be Q1-Q2 2017 timeframe. Anyway, we shall keep ya posted once we have received it in stock ya ;)
ToyPanic | 8/1/2017 8:17:17 AM
bila sampai ni??
meor mohd kamil amirrudin | 8/1/2017 1:25:15 AM
Thanks. Invoice updated. :) If you have any inquiries, you may email to [email protected] or [email protected] Thanks. | 6/1/2017 10:51:57 AM
Hye, deposit made RM167.84 MYR 3452­3752­4315­2918 Receipt ID via Paypal. thanks!
Thanks. | 1/11/2016 2:10:37 PM
Maybank2u No siri 2943314018 = RM139.53
meor mohd kamil amirrudin | 1/11/2016 2:09:21 PM
Bro, how to sent attachment to u. i send detail : Deposit RM146.00 Date : 27 January 2016
meor mohd kamil amirrudin | 1/11/2016 1:02:17 AM
Hello Bro, i tak pernah buat CANCELED ORDER. U check dalam sistem i sudah redeem RM6.75. So buat apa i Cancel. and than i sudah tgk sebelum ni u sudah update dalam sistem. So think everthing ok lah. Now i check dalam Cancel order... Better u check ur sistem. Mana nak i cari payment slip skrg.. bukti sudah ada i redeem
meor mohd kamil amirrudin | 1/11/2016 12:56:41 AM
Hi Sir, thanks for sharing, possible to drop your payment slip in our [email protected]? Thanks. | 31/10/2016 6:53:52 PM
kenapa i punya dalam list cancel order ? id ORDER ID 10679430 ironman i dah bayar deposit pada u ..
meor mohd kamil amirrudin | 31/10/2016 4:06:09 PM
Not yet :( Shall keep you guys posted once it's in stock via email and sms :)
ToyPanic | 26/10/2016 1:38:56 AM
Sudah sampai kah?
meor mohd kamil amirrudin | 26/10/2016 1:03:19 AM
Only articulated head and arms
ToyPanic | 15/5/2016 10:12:20 PM
hi,the pose is already fixed?is the both hands and legs movable?
anonymous | 15/5/2016 5:35:32 PM
The info is actually available red font :) oct 2016 :)
ToyPanic | 3/5/2016 1:24:19 PM
When arrived?
meor mohd kamil amirrudin | 3/5/2016 12:24:57 PM
You may add to our wishlist. Our system will notified you when we have extra. :) Thanks. | 2/5/2016 1:02:16 AM
Hello. may I know this one still able to order? I need one of this.
Joon Xian | 1/5/2016 3:45:08 PM
Hi! Can I still do a pre-order for this item? Hope you will consider. Thanks.
Jude Guia | 19/2/2016 11:28:34 AM
Your in luck. We are still able to get extra stocks. Please proceed to PO it. Hurry up, before it's sold out again :)
ToyPanic | 12/2/2016 9:42:01 AM
Hi sir, I need one more on this. Pls arrange for me in case anyone cancel their order. Thanks bro
anonymous | 12/2/2016 3:24:09 AM
Hi Meor. Can you please send us the payment slip to our [email protected] ? We shall check for you.
ToyPanic | 3/2/2016 9:36:09 PM
Hello bro Captain America: Civil War: 1/6th scale Power Pose Mark XLVI Collectible Figure.. i sudah bayar deposit dan i sudah bgtau u. dalam sistem u tak up-date lagi?
meor mohd kamil amirrudin | 3/2/2016 9:27:10 PM
20% deposit is required. :) Thanks | 27/1/2016 11:10:02 PM
how much deposit? i done clik
meor mohd kamil amirrudin | 27/1/2016 10:08:56 PM
meor mohd kamil amirrudin | 27/1/2016 10:06:44 PM
Hi Meor. You are in luck. We have 1 pcs left in slot. You can click on the green "preorder now" button to PO it now :)
ToyPanic | 27/1/2016 10:01:37 PM
hope boleh order lagi...
meor mohd kamil amirrudin | 27/1/2016 9:56:40 PM
Thanks. Having said that, in case there is last minutes cancellation from our client, you will be notified by our system. :) | 9/1/2016 11:55:07 PM
Boss,im already make a wishlist,can u help arrange 1pc for me?tq
anonymous | 9/1/2016 11:09:18 PM
Boss,im already make a wishlist,can u help arrange 1pc for me?tq
anonymous | 9/1/2016 11:09:17 PM
Cool :) Likewise to you as well :)
ToyPanic | 7/1/2016 5:57:09 PM
thanks for d dy ..appreciate boss..have a nice day
anonymous | 7/1/2016 1:58:21 PM
You are in luck. We are still able to get 1 limited pcs. Please click on the green "preorder now" button to order :)
ToyPanic | 5/1/2016 10:33:57 AM
i want order..pls arrange for me pls
anonymous | 5/1/2016 12:41:33 AM
Yes, for every preorder a 20% deposit is required ;)
ToyPanic | 29/12/2015 8:49:40 PM
If I choose pick at Pragin mall option, do I need to pay deposit?
anonymous | 29/12/2015 7:46:03 PM
No idea. Waiting for HT and Kingarts to release a new figure. ??
DHARYLD | 27/12/2015 12:14:01 PM
When would normal iron man mk46 collectible figure will release
anonymous | 26/12/2015 11:43:43 PM
Ya bro. ? | 26/12/2015 2:03:15 PM
it's a POWER POSE SERIES. No wonder, this armor don't have battle damaged and so on. Just a statue. Guess what, we need to wait for the next armor.
DHARYLD | 26/12/2015 1:54:23 PM
Yay I can get this toy soon
anonymous | 26/12/2015 1:50:02 PM
Why this armor don't have like other iron man armor
anonymous | 26/12/2015 1:24:25 PM
Nope. As it's a power pose series. | 26/12/2015 1:20:06 PM
Do this amor have battle damaged chest armor like others
anonymous | 26/12/2015 1:16:26 PM
The release is somewhere around October 2016. Thanks | 25/12/2015 7:05:54 PM
How many day I need to wait to get it
anonymous | 25/12/2015 6:08:06 PM
Nope, it's different as it's in the Powerpose series. It has no articulation (it's like just a statue)
ToyPanic | 25/12/2015 11:00:09 AM
Is this have same collectible figure like mark 45?
anonymous | 25/12/2015 8:51:40 AM
Finger cross bro. :) | 24/12/2015 12:47:57 PM
OHHH Sh*t.. It's too early. OH MY GOD, takut PO cepat habis. Hopefully, I can get this soon. *Fingercross
DHARYLD | 23/12/2015 7:55:19 PM
Don't think it does :)
ToyPanic | 23/12/2015 10:00:28 AM
Is the fingers of the figure also articulated?
KC How | 23/12/2015 9:52:44 AM

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