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1/1 Star Wars: ANH Darth Vader Helmet Precision Cast Replica
From EFX
Code: EFX01141029

Darth vader - just the mention of his name conjures up fear not only amongst the rebel alliance, but within his own galactic empire, as well! The dark lord of the sith is considered by many to be the villain of a generation of movie audiences.

His sinister persona was conveyed by his iconic helmet, with a facemask and dome, based on the concept sketches by legendary concept artist, ralph mcquarrie.

It is not known how many helmets were made for production, but based on all of the reference materials in the archives, only one helmet was used in the filming of a new hope. Unfortunately, there is no record of what happened to the original molds that were made from brian muir’s sculpture. At the end of filming in england, the complete screen-used costume, including the helmet, was sent to the usa, and make-up artist and creature maker for the film, rick baker, cast a new set of molds from this screen used helmet. These molds were then used to make the darth vader promotional touring costumes in 1977.

The master patterns for the efx darth vader helmet were cast from these vintage molds at the archives, and thus have a direct lineage to the original, screen-used helmet. It has the asymmetric, hand sculptured geometry and all of the surface nuances that many feel capture the true menacing essence of darth vader. The face mask also has the two-toned black and gunmetal paint scheme of the original helmet, thus making this helmet one of the most accurate replicas of this iconic helmet.

This helmet will arguably be the most important piece of any Star Wars collection.

Master pattern cast from the original molds made by Rick Baker of the screen-used helmet in 1977 (Not a digital scan) 

-Original asymmetric, sculpted geometry
-High quality ABS and metal construction 
-Screen accurate, 2-tone black and gunmetal paint scheme on facemask 
-Full Scale Replica 
-Padded interior 
-Machined aluminum "tusks" 
-Metal mouth/chin grills 
-Certificate of Authenticity

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

Our Price: MYR1247.80


Only applicable within Malaysia
NOT applicable for international order

Comment (8)

does it comes with display stand and plaque? thk you
Peter Law Siong Hiung | 25/1/2017 9:21:34 AM
is the top part of the helmet attached to the main body using magnet?
Peter Law Siong Hiung | 25/1/2017 9:16:42 AM
Standard. :) | 25/1/2017 9:15:54 AM
Hello, is this standard or special edition?
Peter Law Siong Hiung | 25/1/2017 9:15:27 AM
It's MISB. Don't think it can be wear.
ToyPanic | 12/7/2016 9:07:35 PM
Hi,friends,the helmet was MISB or not?did have any scratch or damage?this helmet can wear or not?
anonymous | 12/7/2016 4:10:46 PM
Frankly we do not know, as there is not much information provided by our distributor :(
ToyPanic | 9/3/2016 4:36:59 PM
Bro, this is the SPECIAL EDITON $329 which has the brush painted gunmetal details as per the screen-used helmet, or the STANDARD EDITION $299 which will have spray painted gunmetal areas for a more idealized look.
Fong Woon leong | 9/3/2016 1:28:03 PM

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