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Spade J - Memories Ver
From DAM Toys
Code: GK001MX

List Item:
2.Action bady 
3.Black hat
4.White shirt
5.A red tie
6.Black vest
7.Black leather trench coat
8.Black trousers
9.Black socks
10.Black and white shoes(1) PAIR
11.Glove Palm(1) PAIR
12.AR-7 Explorer
13.AR-7 8round mag
14.AR-7 15round mag
15.G17 pistol
16.G17 17round mag
17.G17 19round mag
18.G17 31round mag
19.Black round sunglasses
21.long scarf
22.Large black leather bag

For professional hitmen, each and every one of their job memories is a nightmare. They are haunted all their life by their victims, breaking into their dreams, screaming, until they wake up in cold sweat.

  Fragment of memory begins with a politician’s funeral. It was a damp and cold afternoon; rain drizzling from the dusky sky. Many people arrived at the cemetery, representing the underworld as well as the legal world. A bloated man walked into the centre of picture, his name was George, known as “the Otter”, a well-known middleman, and good relationship in both worlds. George and 2 of Diamond’s deceased father had close contact, plotting the eradication of Spades family, by joining the power of both the black and white world.

  300 metres away there was an old church, a concealed platform was located at the top of the bell tower, masked by sparse branches of a tall tree. Nothing blocked sight from the platform to the cemetery, a perfect sniping position. The J of Spades picked up an ArmaLite AR-7 rifle, aimed at the crowds far away, trying to lock his target. He was smoking a pipe instead of the usual cigarette, so that the flare would not give his position away. Not long after, George arrived at the grave, escorted by several burly bodyguards, listening to the pastor’s prayer quietly. Everyone was focusing on the casket, perfect timing.

  With a not-so-loud bang, a shell case jumped out. As blood spattered out from his forehead, George slowly collapsed to the ground. The bodyguards drew out their guns and surrounded George’s body immediately. Someone pointed to the direction of the church, remaining ones started sprinting towards the bell tower.

  Ogier calmly dissembled and packed the rifle into a leather bag, then pulled out a Glock 17 with extended magazine. As he ran downstairs, the bodyguards closest to the church had already entered the entrance, a big game is about to begin…

   With two successive gunshots, the last bodyguard fell to the ground. Ogier ran through the woods at the back of the church and arrived at a road, while a BMW had been waiting for a long time, he rushed into it. Before Ogier could even sit tight, the car galloped away, and faded into the darkness…

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

Our Price: MYR438.00


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