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MP-41 Dinobot
From Takara Tomy
Code: MP-41

Masterpiece MP-41 is the fierce predicon Dinobot from the Beast Wars series.

Beast Wars third in Transformers Masterpiece Series, Cybertron / Special Combatants Dynobot Appears! 
Dynobot which gained high popularity in the CG animation "Beast Wars super life form transformer", completely changed its style and its huge change before and after the transformation to the complete three-dimensional by using the latest interpretation and technology for the first time. The joints of each part move, the neck moves to the left and right, so that you can enjoy the beast mode that becomes Vero killapol as well as the action figure, built the gimmick which can change the expression of the eyes. Sculpture of whole body sculpture was performed, and in addition, characteristic striped patterns were reproduced according to the image of CG animation using painting and printing in combination. In robot mode, it reproduces the physical disparity of the middle-class play which is a bigger warrior than convoy. You can have Cyber ??Shield and Dyno Saber whose whole body joints move and whose tail is deformed. Cyber ??shield has built in gimmick which rotates with lever. The expression can be changed by the exchanging face of screaming and smiling, and eyes light red in using a button battery (optional). In addition, it has a built-in two-color LED that enables two-step light emission from red to green by replacing it with a face with a beam effect. In addition, the key item "Golden Disc" in the play is attached as an option. TF power base "which corresponds also to a large-sized transformer and a scalable new display stand is also included. In both robot mode and beast mode, it is possible to display in a dynamic pose that will attack the enemy.

Product content:
Beam Effect (1), 
Golden Disc (1), 
Face (Beam), 
Face (Scream Face) (1), 
Dynovot Body (1), 
Cyber ??Shield (1), 
Dino Saber Base (1), 
Base B (1), 
Arm (1), 
Base Adapter (Robot Mode) (1), 
Disk Stand 
Disk Adapter (1), 
Character card (1), 
Instruction manual (1)

Package size:
W350 × H205 × D 105 mm

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

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Hi no damages on the box set?
Bryan Too | 29/12/2020 6:18:30 PM

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