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Frame Arms - Black Tortoise Plastic Model Kit
From Kotobukiya
Code: KTFA057

The newest model in Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms line is Black Tortoise, designed by world-famous designer Yoji Shinkawa (Kojima Productions).
Shinkawa’s next collaboration with Kotobukiya after White Tiger, Black Tortoise is a large and heavily armored mech. Black Tortoise’s distinctive form was sculpted by Katsuhiko Hori, who has a long history of bringing Shinkawa’s designs to life.
Special Features:
-The mech is equipped with 3mm joints for maximum customizability.
-The model has specially designed joints in order to recreate the unique proportions of Shinkawa’s original design.
-The torso and the waist use the Frame Architect Renewal Ver. and are compatible with parts from existing Frame Arms models.
-*The Frame Architect parts are not pre-assembled, and the head, arms, and legs are not included.
-The camera-eyes are pre-painted
-The horn on the helmet is removable.
-The leg armor can be extended.
-The model comes with one rocket launcher, one rifle, and one sword.
-The blade of the sword is made of clear plastic.
-The model contains attachments to equip the weapons to various parts of the mech.
-The rocket launcher can be configured to be equipped on either the right or the left.
-The grip on the rifle can be changed out for one that securely fits in the hands for the Frame Arms Series.
-This multi-colored kit is easy to assemble with no painting necessary.

Assemble Guide: This is a snap-together kits, no cement required. No painting required, but will look better when painted.

Our Price: MYR318.00


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NOT applicable for international order

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