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Hexa Gear - Abysscrawler Plastic Model Kit
From Kotobukiya
Code: KTHG010

Abyss Crawler is a third generation Hexa Gear developed by the Liberty Alliance. The model was designed for the purpose of exploring and capturing closed off areas such as underground tunnels. Unlike the other third generation Hexa Gear, Abyss Crawler is a bipedal unit that has a Zoatex mode, which is always in operation.

At the dawn of the war, the central regions of several cities were attacked by non-humanoid Hexa Gear known as Hidestorm. In the surveys conducted after the attacks, several abandoned underground facilities and tunnels that were used in the Hidestorm invasion were rediscovered, making excavation an urgent necessity. Until that time, most geographical information about these underground constructions had been lost, causing the facilties to fall under the control of the Valiant Force’s Hexa Gear and droids.
Using Hidestorm’s VIC blades, the Valiant Force was able to inflict electronic warfare on the Liberty Alliance, cutting off communications between the cities from underground. The Liberty Alliance recognized the need to clean the polluted underground areas, and created a squadron of Hexa Gear in order to serve this purpose.
Abyss Crawler was developed using the remaining parts of broken Hidestorm models that were confiscated after the attack. However, the developers were not able to recreate the VIC blades, and instead settled for the next-best countermeasure; the Invasion Counter Shield (ICS) installed on the left arm. Due to the lack of suitable parts, the number of models produced is limited, and the small existing squadron of units was sent underground. Compared to the areas above ground, there are innumerable heavily polluted regions underground in an area known as the level six “Abyss” due to the operation of the crystal reactors. Abyss Crawler resides on this level, trudging through the sludge and refuse without human contact, occasionally stopping to engage in battles against Hidestorm and small droid units.
·ICS (Invasion Counter Shield)
·Biting Scissors
·Blast Recon
·Head Anchor
Model Specifications:
·The model system can convert between “Formation 1” which emphasizes combat, or “Formation 2,” which emphasizes mobility.
·The effect parts for the ICS equipped to the Biting Scissors on the left arm are detachable.
·The ICS effect parts are made of clear orange plastic, giving the model a unique and realistic appearance.
·The Biting Scissors on the left arm can be opened and closed to create a variety of battle poses.
·The secondary “Head Anchor” can be displayed in a variety of configurations.
·The roll bars on the skid units on the legs can be opened and closed.
·A separately sold Governor unit can be loaded in the model’s cockpit.
Included Items:
·Head Anchor effect part (x1)
·Lead line (x1)
·Biting Scissors ICS effect part (x1)
*The product uses two of biting scissors for the left and right arms.
·Archive card (x1)

Assemble Guide: This is a snap-together kits, no cement required. No painting required, but will look better when painted.

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