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EAA-083 Magneto Deluxe Version (X-Men)
From Beast Kingdom
Code: EAA-083DX

The most infamous of X-Men Villains, the all mighty manipulator of matter, Magneto himself burst onto the comic scene in the early 1960’s, and now with 19 years of X-Men movies, Magneto has become a household name.

Whilst he is known for villainy, his story is one of tragedy, which sometimes makes him an anti-hero in the X-Men universe. With the 90’s classic X-Men Animated series, Magneto and the X-Men themselves burst onto our screens with vivid and lively colors, as if straight out of a comic. Following the highly successful release of the Animated X-Men’s Wolverine and Cyclops, Taiwan’s Beast Kingdom proudly presents the Egg Attack Action 6-inch highly articulable action Figure EAA-083 X-MEN Magneto.

This highly articulable figure includes a magnetic helmet to protect Magneto from Professor X’s brainwave manipulation. With a focus on detail, the helmet has high grading paint-work using metallic like effects adding to the realism. Following the previous characters in the series the Egg Attack Action Magneto includes fabric clothing and a cloak with adjustable built-in wiring, for the ultimate in possibility. One of the coolest features includes an assortment of magnets built into the effects accessories, which can absorb small metal objects, a function the real Magneto would be sure to approve. Including a bevy of accessories; two replacement faces, three pairs of replacement hands, and one platform stand, this figure is sure to please any collector. 
Finally with a Deluxe variant also available, collectors can take home not only more helmets and faces, but also a larger, more exciting platform to show off to friends and family.

-·The helmet has high grading paint-work using metallic
·-Magnet effects accessories includes a magnet, which can absorb small metal objects
·-Includes a fabric cloak with adjustable built-in wiring, for the ultimate in possibility.

·Erik Lehnsherr face mode: two replacement expression faces (standard expression and angry expression)

·Magneto Helmet  (helmet mode): two replacement expressions (general expression and angry expression)

·Three pairs of replacement palms, including the following
-A pair of replacement clenched hands
-A pair of replacement hands
-A pair of replacement gripping hands

·A pair of special effect accessories "Magnetic Shock Wave" disc (with built-in magnet)

·A action figure platform with the "Marvel Comics: X-Men” LOGO print and the character name

·A Large gravel ruin scene for added affects.

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

Our Price: MYR498.00

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