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The Wolf of Ashina Deluxe Edition
From VStoys
Code: VM-030DX
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Immortality severed version (VM-030DX Deluxe Edition)
(Parts in red exclusive to Deluxe Edition)

- Exquisite realistic head sculpt
- Muscular highly poseable body

- Interchangeable prosthetic left arm
-7 exquisite interchangeable hand types including:
- clasping real hand
- Buddha worshipping real hand
- relaxed real hand
- relaxed prosthetic hand
- Buddha worshipping prosthetic hand
- clenched fist prosthetic hand
- knife holding prosthetic hand

- beige scarf
- chain lining with black armor piece
- dark grey undergarment
- orange coat
- dark blue waistband
- orange belt
- brown pants
- black legwraps
- black leg bindings with armor piece
- white sash
- red, brown, khaki twine

- Kusabimaru
- Loaded Axe
- Mortal Blade
- Loaded Shuriken
- Gyoubu’s Broken Horn

- Healing Gourd
- Homeward idol
- Rope
- Sculptor’s Idol
- Senpou Temple Exclusive Base

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

Our Price: MYR1198.00

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Only applicable within Malaysia
NOT applicable for international order

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Hi, sir. As long as you still see the green "Pre-Order Now" button, you can still make the preorder with us. After you pay the 20% deposit, we will submit your order to our supplier. Please take note that the longer it is past the preorder closing date, the chances of getting the item will get slimmer and slimmer. If our supplier is unable to fulfill your order for some reason, we will refund your deposit back to you.
Andrew (ToyPanic Team) | 25/7/2020 6:13:56 PM
still can per-order?
Jack Neoh | 25/7/2020 12:27:59 AM

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