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1/9 Iron Man Hall of Armor (Lift Version)
From King Arts
Code: KING_KSS001
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Product Introduction
It may have remembered the  "Iron Man 3" movie, Tony have the  mysterious secret base down to his house.  So now King Arts try to bring it back to the real.  the hearts of everyone the extraordinary achievements of the iron man hall of armor.

Product Specification
Product Measurement: around 22*21*33CM
Outer carton size: around 62*32*43CM
Material Used:Engineering plastics ABS 

Product features
- Each Hall of Armor has internal walls carved with mechanical grooves to enhance the mechanical beauty
- Lift completes a full circle rotation either from bottom to top or vice versa
- Top aperture opening designed to rotate open just like in the movie Iron Man 3
- Top aperture opening opens and closes automatically
- Four gear switch for the top and bottom display lights and lift functions
- Multiple Hall of Armors can be connected together
- DC or battery compatible
- DC power supply can be connected to just one Hall of Armor for MagSwitch to power all Hall of Armors connected at the same level

Retail Price: RM598

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

Our Price: MYR568.00


Only applicable within Malaysia
NOT applicable for international order

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