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Cheating on Toypanic - EP #12 (Marvel Legends Black Widow)
Published 16 Jul 2021

Toypanic staff usually get all our toys and collectibles from Toypanic itself. But sometimes we have to look elsewhere to find certain items we really want too.

I am a huge fan of the MCU Black Widow so naturally I tracked it down and purchased it on Sh*cough*. This figure is part of a Build a Figure Collection and comes with a huge leg...I have no idea what the leg is for. Crimson Dynamo maybe?

I don't care about the BAF part, I just wanted Natasha. Her face is a little off compared to Scarlett Johansson and she is using Makarov pistols for some reason instead of Glock pistols, but other than that this figure is pretty spot on. I really like the detailing on the costume.

She will make a fine addition to my growing Hasbro collection. Until next time, hope you are all happy and staying safe!


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