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Upcoming release Kamen Rider Blacksun TV Power DX Henshin Belt
Published 6 Oct 2021

Kamen Rider BLACK TV Power DX Transformation Belt Reprint!

TV power transformation belt revived with modern technology.

"Kamen Rider BLACK TV Power DX Transformation Belt" released by Bandai Co., Ltd. in 1987 is revived.

The transformation belt automatically operates according to the transformation scene of Kamen Rider BLACK's TV broadcast, and emits light and rotates. An epoch-making transformation toy that can be enjoyed at the same time as real viewing is reproduced with modern technology.

This product works in conjunction with the attached DVD, and the transformation belt automatically operates in the same way as the TV at that time, emitting light and rotating.

It is a transformation belt that allows you to experience the excitement of the time, which is suitable for commemorating the production of Kamen Rider BLACK SUN, which is a reboot work of Kamen Rider BLACK

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